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Content Development

Content is king in today's digital age. It takes time and money to develop it, and then you have to think about how it's going to be distributed. Compelling infographics, blog posts, email blasts, collateral materials, videos, etc all require a business case, strategy, and plan for implementation.  

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation tools have come a long way since 2012, and using the right tool can help a few creative professionals perform like an enterprise marketing team. From implementation to engagement strategy to best practices in tracking, marketing automation is becoming the backbone of all serious marketing outfits. 

Metrics and Tracking

Measuring the effectiveness of specific marketing initiatives and campaigns is critical to any marketing effort. The decision to allocate resources should be data driven and strategically address the goal of contiguous positive engagement with target markets. By tying all digital marketing efforts to revenue, executive leadership and sales can see what efforts are yielding the greatest ROI. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your website might look amazing, but if it's not optimized for search engines, then nobody is going to find it. Even just setting up your Google Analytics instance to read and report on your site's conversion rates is a necessary start if you're going to improve the usability of your site, and the ease with which the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) crawl it. 

Websites. Blogs.

The fastest way to meet your customers is to go to where they are--online! Whether you're starting from scratch, or want to do a refresh, a well-designed website with good content is key. 

Event Planning & Project Management Competencies

Events. Meetings. Parties

Most brands today are investing in their most valuable assets—their employees. Coming up with ideas for the perfect team-building exercise, executive retreat, or putting on an annual company meeting that will bring the team together and energize employees for the coming year is challenging. Deciding where to begin with regards to hotel negotiations, vendors, workshops, food and travel is often the hardest part.  

Events. Trade Shows. Conferences.

Want to make a bigger splash at next year's association meeting? Want to position your executives as thought-leaders in your field? Speaking on panels, presenting on topics, and educating conference attendees is one of the best ways to build your reputation within your industry, as well as build credibility within your market segments.  


The lunch and learn of yesterday is the webinar of today. Your customers are looking for content about your products and industry, but they're not willing to engage with you in-person if they don't have to. Launching a webinar campaign is a cost effective way to build trust with desired audiences, and if done correctly, you'll be developing content that can be used for revenue marketing initiatives too. 

Public Relations & Media Relations Capabilities  

Communications. Publicity. Media Relations

Video Testimonials

Who wants to write a white paper when you can be interviewed by a trusted third-party journalist with a wider reach? Publicizing the work you and your customers' do is a great way to tap into new audiences and generate leads. 

One of the best ways to validate your offering is to let your existing customers share their experience with your brand. Through organic customer testimonials, existing clients not only become your brand ambassadors, but the professionally produced video content can be a marketing asset for them as well.


Need something else?

I've spent over a decade marketing in today's digital age and have amassed a network of graphic designers, web developers, publicists, printers, trade show vendors, and marketing professionals who can get the job done. Contact me to discuss your marketing needs, and if I can't help, chances are I know someone who can. The referral is FREE!