The Movement of Color

Born and raised in Southern Ca, I've been painting since I was eight. Whether I was working in the film industry or renewable energy field, I've always painted on the side. Over the years I developed two styles that represent my own internal dichotomy: creativity vs analytics.

The "creative" style is all about the free flowing movement of color. These pieces all start with primary colors (red, blue, yellow) and I lay them down on the canvas in a single sitting, mixing as I go, not cleaning the brush, and racing against time because acrylics dry much faster than oils. Then I go back and define the image with black and white accents. These pieces work really well in children's rooms, nurseries, or for a splash of color on a relatively humble palette.

My "analytical" style is almost the antithesis to the creative in that it's exact and precise. Think of these as a modern riff on Piet Mondrian works from the early 20th century. I use pops of color to create 3-D geometric abstract metropolitan landscapes using painters tape for linear precision. These are great for a slightly more modern decor.

Some recently commissioned artwork...

Orangutan dropping a banana for a boy who fancies being a monkey.  24" x 30"

Twin sharks and an angry crab. For twin boys and their mother who's astrological sign is cancer.  30" x 48"

James Dean 30" x 48"

Ballerina Bear for a baby girl's room.  24" x 30"

Splashing triceratops for a baby boy's room.  24" x 30"

Dalmatian puppy playing with the firehose for the son of a firefighter. 24" x 30"

The surfing rooster 30" x 40"

Hungry baby giraffe with cherry blossoms. 24" x 48"

Geo-purple, blue and yellow. 

Baby Elephant playing with the letter D for a little boy named Devin. 24" x 30"

Martini by candlelight. 30" x 48"

geo maroon.JPG

Geo-red, blue and gold

Geo- red, yellow and blue

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